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Posted on: March 14, 2010 3:54 pm
Edited on: March 14, 2010 4:12 pm

Selection Sunday Bracketology (1 Game Remaining)

1) Kansas vs. 16) Lehigh/Arkansas-Pine Bluff

8) Marquette vs. 9) California

5) Vanderbilt vs. 12) Virginia Tech

4) Purdue vs. 13) Houston

6) Richmond vs. 11) Utah State

3) New Mexico vs. 14) Ohio

7) Oklahoma State vs. 10) Saint Mary’s

2) West Virginia vs. 15) UC Santa Barbara

1) Duke vs. 16) East Tennessee State

8) Missouri vs. 9) Louisville

5) Michigan State vs. 12) Wake Forest

4) Temple vs. 13) Oakland

6) Butler vs. 11) Georgia Tech

3) Baylor vs. 14) Wofford

7) Xavier vs. 10) Cornell

2) Georgetown vs. 15) Vermont

1) Kentucky vs. 16) Winthrop

8) Northern Iowa vs. 9) UTEP

5) Maryland vs. 12) Siena

4) Villanova vs. 13) Murray State

6) Brigham Young vs. 11) Washington

3) Pittsburgh vs. 14) North Texas 

7) Texas vs. 10) Clemson

2) Ohio State vs. 15) Montana

1) Syracuse vs. 16) Robert Morris

8) UNLV vs. Florida State

5) Texas A&M vs. 12) Mississippi State

4) Tennessee vs. 13) New Mexico State

6) Gonzaga vs. 11) San Diego State

3) Wisconsin vs. 14) Sam Houston State

7) Notre Dame vs. 10) Old Dominion

2) Kansas State vs. 15) Morgan State

Last 4 IN: Utah State, Wake Forest, Mississippi State, Virginia Tech

First 4 OUT: Florida, Minnesota, Illinois, Rhode Island
Posted on: March 13, 2010 10:30 pm
Edited on: March 13, 2010 10:30 pm

3/13/10 PM Bracketology

I don't have time to have all of the locations, so I'm going to settle with just putting East, Midwest, South, and West! Please comment and have suggestions to fix things or if i missed a game or something along those lines. Remember im new to this! :)

1: (Midwest) Kansas, (East) Kentucky, (West) Duke, (South) Syracuse
2: New Mexico, Ohio State, West Virginia, Kansas State
3: Georgetown, Pittsburgh, Baylor, Wisconsin
4: Purdue, Michigan State, Villanova, Tennessee
5: Vanderbilt, Maryland, Temple, Texas A&M
6: Richmond, Brigham Young, Butler, Gonzaga
7: Oklahoma State, Texas, Xavier, Notre Dame
8: Marquette, UNLV, Missouri, Northern Iowa
9: California, Louisvile, UTEP, Florida State
10: St. Mary's, Clemson, Cornell, Old Dominion
11: Wake Forest, Utah State, Georgia Tech, Washington
12: Virginia Tech, Siena, Florida, San Diego State
13: Houston, Murray State, Minnesota, Oakland
14: Ohio, North Texas, Wofford, Sam Houston State
15: UC Santa Barbara, Montana, Vermont, Morgan State
16: Opening Round Winner, Winthrop, East Tennessee State, Robert Morris

Opening Round Game:
Lehigh vs. Arkansas-Pine Bluff

Last 3 In: Minnesota, Florida, Virginia Tech,

First Four Out: Illinois, Mississippi State, Mississippi, Rhode Island

Next Team Out: Seton Hall

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