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Posted on: January 21, 2011 12:45 pm

If today were Selection Sunday

My seeds 1 - 4 would look like this:

1 Seeds

2 Seeds

3 Seeds

4 Seeds

Some Thoughts:

I think that San Diego State needs a quality win over BYU to have a better resume than the Top 4.

The last 4 seeds were nearly impossible to predict. Purdue is a slim way away from a 4 seed. They don't have as many quality wins as Illinois, but Illinois has that one really bad loss. Illinois got the edge for the wins.

Kentucky beat Washington head to head so that gives them the edge + the quality wins. Kentucky's loss to Alabama will hurt them come tournament time if they are relatively close matched with other teams (same with Illinois).

Pittsburgh resume is really good right now.

Duke is a really good team, that loss to FSU hurts, it isn't bad, but it isn't good either. They lack the quality wins that Cuse and Pitt have, and they are not undefeated like OSU and Kansas.

I did this fairly quickly so I may re-evaluate later.
Posted on: March 14, 2010 3:54 pm
Edited on: March 14, 2010 4:12 pm

Selection Sunday Bracketology (1 Game Remaining)

1) Kansas vs. 16) Lehigh/Arkansas-Pine Bluff

8) Marquette vs. 9) California

5) Vanderbilt vs. 12) Virginia Tech

4) Purdue vs. 13) Houston

6) Richmond vs. 11) Utah State

3) New Mexico vs. 14) Ohio

7) Oklahoma State vs. 10) Saint Mary’s

2) West Virginia vs. 15) UC Santa Barbara

1) Duke vs. 16) East Tennessee State

8) Missouri vs. 9) Louisville

5) Michigan State vs. 12) Wake Forest

4) Temple vs. 13) Oakland

6) Butler vs. 11) Georgia Tech

3) Baylor vs. 14) Wofford

7) Xavier vs. 10) Cornell

2) Georgetown vs. 15) Vermont

1) Kentucky vs. 16) Winthrop

8) Northern Iowa vs. 9) UTEP

5) Maryland vs. 12) Siena

4) Villanova vs. 13) Murray State

6) Brigham Young vs. 11) Washington

3) Pittsburgh vs. 14) North Texas 

7) Texas vs. 10) Clemson

2) Ohio State vs. 15) Montana

1) Syracuse vs. 16) Robert Morris

8) UNLV vs. Florida State

5) Texas A&M vs. 12) Mississippi State

4) Tennessee vs. 13) New Mexico State

6) Gonzaga vs. 11) San Diego State

3) Wisconsin vs. 14) Sam Houston State

7) Notre Dame vs. 10) Old Dominion

2) Kansas State vs. 15) Morgan State

Last 4 IN: Utah State, Wake Forest, Mississippi State, Virginia Tech

First 4 OUT: Florida, Minnesota, Illinois, Rhode Island
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