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Ranking the Final 16

Lets jump right into it:

1.Ohio State - The have been the best team all year, and they proved they are that good when they demolished George Mason.

2.Duke - This team has been a 1 seed the past 2 years and won last year, when are people going to stop underestimating them as a National Champion.

3.Kansas - Really well-rounded team with a great young coach.

4.San Diego State - Another team blindly not talked about for a championship. I have seen this team and they are for real. They are a big team too.

5.North Carolina - The benefit of having freshman at the end of the year, is if your lucky, they will come around and start making better decisions.

6.Connecticut - I don't care if Kemba Walker does most of the work for this team. IT WORKS!

7.Brigham Young - When you have a playmaker like Jimmer, anything is possible.

8.Florida - Billy Donavon is a good coach. This is a pretty good team that has been flying under my radar all year. I didn't think they could make it past UCLA or MSU, but here they are.

9.Wisconsin - They have unbelievable ability to control the tempo. They have a play-maker, good shooters. Watch out, they could suprise us all.

10.Arizona - They didn't play in the best conference or the best schedule, but they have a good team. They have a great player in Derrick Williams as well.

11.Kentucky - You didn't forget the bad road losses did you? This is still a really young team, and I am not a believer in teams that change almost COMPLETELY every year. They don't get time to gel with each other and in the end it will hurt them, you have to be very lucky to get freshman together that can work out immediately (see UNC).

12.Marquette - They had a lot of losses in the regular season, but don't forget about the good wins.

13.Butler - Last years cinderella. Can they do it again? They have a couple of players that could get it done for them.

14.Virginia Commonwealth - I'm a believer. This team is good. I think they will get to the Elite Eight and compete with Kansas.

15.Florida State - This team had a couple good wins in the regular season. But I don't think they have as much as the others in front of them.

16.Richmond - What did they prove in the regular season?? NOTHING! Why should I give them the benefit of the doubt if they have proved nothing. Okay yes they beat Purdue, that was in November, and look where Purdue is now, back in West Lafayette.
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