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Big Ten Predictions 11-12'

Well, I could be way off or right on track, but I have a feeling this year in the Big 10 Conference is going to be very top heavy this year. I believe 9 teams will get 8+ wins in the conference this year, while 3 teams will get 3 or less wins. Seems a little crazy, but I think it's a huge possibility. There are going to be 216 Big Ten Conference games this season and I'm excited to see every one of them I can. Here are my 2011 - 2012 Big Ten Conference predictions:

 1.  Ohio State

Current Record:

Predicted B1G Record: (15-3)

It could be better than this, but 3 losses is reasonable. I have them losing @Wisconsin, @Michigan, @Michigan State.

 2(TIE).  Wisconsin

Current Record:

Predicted B1G Record: (13-5)

Really suprsied with the loss at home to Marquette, if they want a 13-5 record in the Big Ten they better not lose at home. Have them losing to: @Michigan, @Purdue, @Illinois, @ Michigan State, @Ohio State

 2(TIE).  Michigan State

Current Record: (12-2)

Predicted B1G Record: (13-5)

Really impressed with this team, no bad losses, and they were impressive against Indiana. I think they are the second best team in the conference, though they will likely tie Wisconsin. I have them losing to: @Wisconsin, @Michigan, @Illinois, @Ohio State, @Indiana

 4(TIE).  Indiana

Current Record: (12-1)

Predicted B1G Record: (12-6)

Biggest suprise in the Big Ten this season. Lost to MSU in Zeller's first Big Ten game and without a crucial part to their game Will Sheehey - who was out due to injury. Still this team can win any night against anyone, but they are still inexperienced and will struggle at times. I have them losing to: @Michigan State, Ohio State, @Ohio State, @Wisconsin, @Michigan, @Purdue

 4(TIE).  Michigan

Current Record: (10-2)

Predicted B1G Record: (12-6)

Out of all the Big Ten teams, this is the team I am most uncertain with. I feel like if this team can get on a roll than can be deadly, but if they get on a losing streak they could lose their composure and go downhill in a hurry. I have them losing to: @Indiana, @Purdue, @Ohio State, @Michigan State, @Northwestern, @Illinois

 6(TIE).  Purdue

Current Record: (11-3)

Predicted B1G Record: (10-8)

Another team that could go either way. They could go 10-8 or 8-10 easily. They have to avoid losing a big lead as they have done in their losses this year. I think they are good and with Hummel leading them, should behave better than they did in non-conference play. I have them losing to: @Minnesota, @Michigan State, @Northwestern, @Ohio State, @Illinois, Michigan State, @Michigan, Indiana

 6(TIE).  Illinois

Current Record: 12-2

Predicted B1G Record: (10-8)

Really didn't expect them to allow Minnesota to hang around. They have been pretty impressive this year, but I'm not convinced they can play with the big boys. They have one of the most difficult Big Ten Conference schedules, they play conference bottom dwellers Iowa and Penn State only once. I have them losing to: @Purdue, @Northwestern, @Ohio State, @Minnesota, @Indiana, @Michigan, @Ohio State, @Wisconsin

 8.  Northwestern

Current Record: (10-3)

Predicted B1G Record: (8-10)

Suprsied they got blow out by OSU. I still think they can pull off some upsets, but they need a couple of key wins to make the tournament. If they play well enough they could go 9-9 or 10-8, but once again if they lose a couple of those games they should win, it will hurt them badly. I have them beating: Penn State, Illinois, Purdue, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, @Iowa

 9.  Minnesota

Current Record: 12-2

Predicted B1G Record: (7-11)

Minnesota and Northwestern's play will decide whether teams like Illinois and Purdue get 10 or 11 wins. IF they play well at home they shouldn't lose 12 games, but without Trevord Mbakwe I'm a very concerned about them even winning 7 or 8 games. I have them beating: Iowa, Purdue, @Penn State, Northwestern, Illinois, @Iowa, Nebraska

 10(TIE).  Nebraska

Current Record: (8-4)

Predicted B1G Record: (3-15)

Every conference has to have the bottom dwellers, but the Big Ten's are still solid, but won't be competetive enough to beat anyone of signicnace. I have them beating: Penn State, Minnesota, Iowa

 10(TIE).  Penn State

Current Record: (8-5)

Predicted B1G Record: (3-15)

I think Nebraska is better than them, but this low in the conference it isn't that big of a deal. I have them beating: Nebraska, Iowa, Northwestern.

 12.  Iowa

Current Record: (8-6)

Predicted B1G Record: (2-16)

Iowa is the worst team in the Big Ten, yet still doesn't have a losing record. The Big 10 is the best top to bottom conference in the nation. I have them beating: Nebraska, Penn State

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FINAL Final Four Rankings

Sweet Sixteen:

Well it's been a long ride. Ups and downs, ins and outs, and here we are. The Final Sixteen Teams have been decided. 
By Region here they are:

Ohio State
North Carolina

San Diego State

Florida State


Brigham Young

Teams in BOLD made the Sweet Sixteen last year. 

2 of those teams made the Final Four last year. 

1.Kansas Jayhawks - Once a difficult region to get out of, now the easiest one to get through. They play a 12 Seed in the sweet sixteen, and will play an 11 or 10 seed in the Elite Eight.

2.Duke Blue Devils - Last years champions. They have to be a favorite at this point. They still have some really good teams to get through, but they have the best Coach in the Land.

3.Ohio State Buckeyes - They destroyed George Mason. If they get past Kentucky, they will play UNC or Marquette. If they play like they did in the 2nd Round, nobody will beat them.

4.Brigham Young Cougars - We were all counting them out after they lost Davies, and now here they are, the highest seed left in their Region. They also destroyed Gonzaga who many people thought would beat them.

5.Connecticut Huskies - We saw how they finished the season in the Big East, can they ride that momentum?

6.North Carolina Tar Heels - Another team playing very well. Not giving them the Marquette game, but they have a better chance against them than Syracuse.

7.Wisconsin Badgers - They played great against Kansas State. I don't see why we should doubt them at this point.

8.San Diego State Aztecs - Their in the west, but I don't think their as good as the other top teams left in their region.

9.Butler Bulldogs - Here we are again, out of the blue, Butler beating one seeds, and back in the Sweet Sixteen, with a good chance to get to the Final Four.

10.Florida Gators - Another good team in the SouthEast. Four of the Ten teams are in the Southeast. You know what that means? Close games, upsets, nobody knows for sure who will come out of it.

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10 Teams most likely to make it to the Final Four

Week 16
I will post my rankings here every week or so. I will submit my poll to the UTEA and OSUBuckeyeFan is going to put together an accumulative ranking of teams based on everyone's rankings. Just go here and you can sumbit your own rankings! Thank You!

1.Pittsburgh - Has 2 losses in a completely loaded Big East, there only other loss is Tennessee. This team is for real.

2.Ohio State - They need to avoid another loss this weekend. Is this Thad Matta's year?

3.Texas - The four losses concerns me, but becides the one slip-up in Big 12 play, they have been stellar.

4.Notre Dame - Barely beat Providence. An experienced team with an underrated coach. It would be better if they could do without the close games, but at least they can win them.

5.Kansas - A well rounded team with a really good coach, do they have enough tournament experience? I say yes.

6.Brigham Young - He is this year's Stephen Curry, only BYU has a better all around team. Look out for them in the tournament.

7.Duke - They are probably better than this, but they haven't proved it to me.

8.Florida - Can they win on the road? We will find out today, against a struggling Kentucky team.

9.Louisville - I have watched them play several times, and when their playing well, they are almost impossible to beat, times like this make it far in the tournament.

10.Purdue - My hoosiers couldn't save me from doing this. They went to probably the most hetic environment of the year and held of a vengeful IU team. They beat OSU and Wisconsin. They have never proven they could do anything in the tournament, will they this year?

Teams to Watch:
St. John's
San Diego State
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10 Teams most likely to make it to the Final 4

Week 13
I will post my rankings here every week or so. I will submit my poll to the UTEA and OSUBuckeyeFan is going to put together an accumulative ranking of teams based on everyone's rankings. Just go here and you can learn about the rankings and start doing your own! Thanks! ***Missed last week, but I plan to continue doing this the rest of the year.

1.Ohio State - Well, after much doubt, I have full confidence in this team. Not only to win close games, but to work together as a team. Now go ahead and lose tomorrow and make me look like an idiot .

2.Texas - Coming together as a team, and have had some great wins the past couple of weeks. They probably have more experience against teams that will be in the sweet sixteen and the elite eight than OSU does.

3.Pittsburgh - Losses to Notre Dame and Tennessee are both acceptable. Still looks to be a great team, don't under-estimate them or you will pay.

4.Connecticut - Lost to Syracuse, but had been rolling until then.

5.Kansas - Rebounded from their first loss and have been rolling. I still think they have it all, but I think they have been a little inconsistant. Too many close games for me to give them a spot in the top 4, but they still have talented players and one of the best coaches in the land.

6.Notre Dame - First new team this week, and they deserve it. They've beaten TEN top 100 teams, if not many, if anyone, can say that. Very experienced team that will shock some in the tournament.

7.Brigham Young - Jimmer reminds me of Stephen Curry a couple years back, a we remember where they ended up. Obviously BYU is already getting more media attention than Davidson did, but that type of player can carry a team a looonnggg way.

8.Wisconsin - They may not the talent like some of the other teams, but this team can control the tempo like no other. They also have a heck of a coach, watch out for them, and don't fall into their tempo trap if you want to beat them.

9.Duke - I have some doubt in this team right now. Do they have all the pieces? I say no. I also think they aren't as good as they were this time last year. Due to a weak ACC, I really don't think we'll know exactly how good this team is ... until it's too late.

10.Florida - This is probably where they would've been in the beginning of the year. They fell early, and have been crawling their way back up... I would love to see a Kemba Walker vs. Erving Walker matchup in the tournament... who knows it could be the championship game. Consider Florida back!

Teams to Watch:
San Diego State

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10 Teams most likely to make it to the Final 4

Week 11
I will post my rankings here every week or so. I will submit my poll to the UTEA and OSUBuckeyeFan is going to put together an accumulative ranking of teams based on everyone's rankings. Just go here and you can learn about the rankings and start doing your own! Thanks!

1. Pittsburgh - Looking better and better. Beating Syracuse put should have put them as one of the top dogs for everyone.

2. Ohio State - They have their biggest test today in an extremely hostile environment, can they pull it off? They need to stay in this position. They may have the most balanced team in the nation (when Sullinger isn't scoring 40 points).

3. Connecticut - The Big East is showing it's muscles. Connecticut knocked off another top performer and is building a #1 Seed Resume come tournament time. Their only weakness is that Kemba Walker is the team.

4. Texas - They destroyed Texas A&M, destoyed and then beat @ Kansas. And while they probably won't jump Kansas in the Polls, I think Texas is good enough to get there.

5. Kansas - They were going to lose eventually... but at home???

6. San Diego State - This team is really good, really good. Their only dis-advantage is that they lack the amount of quality matchups the top 5 will get, that will hurt them on their road to the Final Four.

7. Syracuse - I don't know if they would have beaten Pitt with Joseph, but it doesn't matter, their good with or without him. I want to see them beat a team with him though. Otherwise this team is well balanced and has one of the best coaches in the buisness.

8. Duke - It's not that they played bad this week, it's that the teams in front of them played better. If they get Irving back, their #1 again, and yes a Freshman can have that much of an impact.

9. Brigham Young - Freddette is a beast. And he is playing unbelievable basketball under the radar, this alone will get unprepaired teams in the tournament. I think they will be moving up.

10. Villanova - It's hard to go to Syracuse and win. They shot the lights out in the first half... so my question is... did they have a great game today, and not against UCONN, or is Syracuse overrated? Or is UCONN that good? Those will be answered soon, so for now... their here.

Teams to Watch:
Texas A&M

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Mid-Season Big Ten Predictions

We are about half-way through the year, and since I did a preseason prediction, I thought I'd do a mid-season one.

Here were the preseason predictions:

1. Michigan State 15-3
2. Purdue 14-4
3. Ohio State 12-6
4. Michigan 12-6
5. Minnesota 11-7
6. Illinois 11-7
7. Wisconsin 9-9
8. Northwestern 6-12
9. Indiana 4-14
10. Penn State 4-14
11. Iowa 1-17

Here are the new predictions and changes:

1. Michigan State 15-3- This team will perform well. In my mind they are still the best team in the Big Ten.
2. Purdue 15-3- A close second to the Spartans.
3. Wisconsin 13-5- This team made the biggest jump of all the teams. They are experienced, and Bo Ryan could easily lead them to another Big 10 championship.
4. Minnesota 11-7- This will be a team to watch for during tourney time.
5. Illinois 10-8
6. Ohio State 10-8- So far this team has been very dissapointing to me, yes, they did lose their best player, but he's back, and they still lost one of their two games.
7. Michigan 9-9
8. Northwestern 6-12- They were ranked for the first time, in what? 60 years? They went down quickly after that.
9. Indiana 6-12- This team will lose some their not supposed to, and win some. I think at home Indiana will always give the other team a run for their money.
10. Penn State 3-15- I really don't know for sure where this team stands.
11. Iowa 1-17- They will win one. Right now it's looking gloomy, but they will win one, i just don't know against who right now.
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Week 5 Final Four Prediction




People will call me crazy for still predicting Villanova after they lost to Temple. But, they are a young team, but strong led by Scottie Reynolds. This is who i predicted at the beginning at the beginning of the year and I'm going to stick with them.

Here is my "Sweet Sixteen", filled with the 16 teams i think will be left in the tournament after two rounds. This is not based on rankings purely based on how the team has done and how strong their players have been.


Clemson is here because i still think they're a good team and i had them in the Elite Eight in Week 1. They are a talented bunch and look for them to make a run towards the Elite Eight.

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Big Ten Predictions

The Big Ten is a Power Conference this year headed by Michigan State and Purude.
These rankings are on how i feel the Big Ten will play out after the year is over.

1. Michigan State 15-3- Tom Izzo has all kinds of weapons that could possibly lead them to another title run.

2. Purdue 14-4- Didn't lose much and gained some eventually they'll get themselves into a final four.

3. Ohio State 12-6- Sleeper team of the year for this conference and the tournament, they have good, athletic players and a great coach.

4. Michigan 12-6- We arrive to the unsettled part of the conference, look to see many close games and upsets this year.

5. Minnesota 11-7

6. Illinois 11-7

7. Wisconsin 9-9

8. Northwestern 6-12

9. Indiana 4-14

10. Penn State 4-14

11. Iowa 1-17

This will be an interesting year in the Big Ten with big games and big upsets, look for these rankings to change. The Big Ten is extremely equal from rankings 3 to 7 that it is almost impossible to predict.
I'm ready for another exciting year!

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