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Posted on: March 14, 2011 7:41 pm
Edited on: March 14, 2011 7:52 pm

First Four Games

Well, whether you agree with it or not, these 4 teams will be competing to get in the Final Field of 64. VCU, USC, UAB, and Clemson will be competing for those spots.

Here is our first matchup:

The 11 seed out of the Colonial Athletic Conference, VCU:

Virginia Commonwealth - This team has been hated upon for not deserving a spot in the tournament. Those who say that... are wrong. This team has 3 top 50 wins. They had 14 wins in an UNDERRATED conference. They have Old Dominion, George Mason, and VCU. This is a good team and they will be someone to watch.

The 11 seed out of the Pac 10, USC:

Southern California - Two dominant players in the post makes me wonder where this team has been all year. Well, it my be like they have 6 losses OVER the Top 100 in RPI. Pretty much horrific. Want to know why they got in? They have 5 top 50 wins.

USC 76
VCU 67

Now are second matchup:

The 12 seed out of Conference USA:

UAB - Okay, to be completely honest this team DOES NOT deserve to be here. That alone will hurt them... or motivate them. Will they be down because they think they took someones more deserving spot, or will it motivate them to prove themselves? The only decent team they have beaten is VCU.

Clemson - I think their backcourt will be the ultimate downfall for UAB. UAB will simply not be able to match up with Clemson. Clemson has a good control of the tempo. Clemson has better playing experience against better teams. Can they beat somebody? We'll see...

Clemson 56
UAB 41
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Posted on: March 23, 2009 12:17 pm

Upset Meter (Round 2)

 After a staggering 10 upsets in round one.... round 2 returns with 1 upset. And the last one i wanted. Purdue over Washington.

Leaving us at 11 upsets for the NCAA Tournament so far. There were 13 upsets last year. Could there be less this year? Yes. Easily. But yes there could be alot more upsets still this year than last year.

I think there could be an upset in almost all of the sweet sixteen games. I think UofL will have an easy trip to the Elite 8 though.
I also think Pitt will beat Xavier easily, along with Uconn and Purdue, and UNC and Gonzaga. They all have overrated teams their playing against in my opinion. Maybe Arizona is a little underrated, for their seeding.

I think Syracuse will beat Oklahoma, and Kansas and Villanova will defeat Duke and Michigan State. So yes their could still could be a fare amount of upsets.

I think once again all 4 #1 seeds can make the Final 4... but will they? And in my opinion.. NO. I think theirs a better chance that none of them make it rather then all of them. In the Elite 8, i think kansas can beat UofL, Syracuse or Oklahoma can beat UNC, Duke or Villanova can beat Pitt, and Memphis can beat Connecticut.

Here are the teams i think can still run for the title from 1-16: (ranked from most favorable to least)

  1. North Carolina
  2. Louisville
  3. Memphis
  4. Conncecticut
  5. Pittsburgh
  6. Villanova
  7. Kansas
  8. Syracuse
  9. Michigan State
  10. Missouri
  11. Oklahoma
  12. Duke
  13. Gonzaga
  14. Purdue
  15. Xavier
  16. Arizona
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