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10 Teams most likely to make it to the Final 4

Week 13
I will post my rankings here every week or so. I will submit my poll to the UTEA and OSUBuckeyeFan is going to put together an accumulative ranking of teams based on everyone's rankings. Just go here and you can learn about the rankings and start doing your own! Thanks! ***Missed last week, but I plan to continue doing this the rest of the year.

1.Ohio State - Well, after much doubt, I have full confidence in this team. Not only to win close games, but to work together as a team. Now go ahead and lose tomorrow and make me look like an idiot .

2.Texas - Coming together as a team, and have had some great wins the past couple of weeks. They probably have more experience against teams that will be in the sweet sixteen and the elite eight than OSU does.

3.Pittsburgh - Losses to Notre Dame and Tennessee are both acceptable. Still looks to be a great team, don't under-estimate them or you will pay.

4.Connecticut - Lost to Syracuse, but had been rolling until then.

5.Kansas - Rebounded from their first loss and have been rolling. I still think they have it all, but I think they have been a little inconsistant. Too many close games for me to give them a spot in the top 4, but they still have talented players and one of the best coaches in the land.

6.Notre Dame - First new team this week, and they deserve it. They've beaten TEN top 100 teams, if not many, if anyone, can say that. Very experienced team that will shock some in the tournament.

7.Brigham Young - Jimmer reminds me of Stephen Curry a couple years back, a we remember where they ended up. Obviously BYU is already getting more media attention than Davidson did, but that type of player can carry a team a looonnggg way.

8.Wisconsin - They may not the talent like some of the other teams, but this team can control the tempo like no other. They also have a heck of a coach, watch out for them, and don't fall into their tempo trap if you want to beat them.

9.Duke - I have some doubt in this team right now. Do they have all the pieces? I say no. I also think they aren't as good as they were this time last year. Due to a weak ACC, I really don't think we'll know exactly how good this team is ... until it's too late.

10.Florida - This is probably where they would've been in the beginning of the year. They fell early, and have been crawling their way back up... I would love to see a Kemba Walker vs. Erving Walker matchup in the tournament... who knows it could be the championship game. Consider Florida back!

Teams to Watch:
San Diego State

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Undefeated Teams

Which undefeated team will go the longest without losing?

Here are the remaining undefeated teams:
Seton Hall
Gs. eorgetown
West Virginia
Texas Tech
Missouri State
New Mexico

  1. Texas undefeated until- Jan. 23 @ Connecticut
  2. Georgetown undefeated until- Jan. 17 @ Villanova
  3. Syracuse undefeated until- Jan 16 @ West Virginia
  4. Kentucky undefeated until- Jan. 12 @ Florida
  5. Kansas undefeated until- Jan. 10 @ Tennessee
  6. New Mexico undefeated until- Jan. 9 vs. UNLV
  7. Missouri State undefeated until- Jan. 3 @ Northern Iowa
  8. Purdue undeafeted until- Jan. 1 vs. West Virginia
  9. Texas Tech undefeated until- Dec. 29 @ New Mexico
  10. West Virginia undefeated until- Dec. 23 vs. Mississippi
  11. Seton Hall undefeated until- Tonight vs. Temple

Just a prediction.

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Week 5 Final Four Prediction




People will call me crazy for still predicting Villanova after they lost to Temple. But, they are a young team, but strong led by Scottie Reynolds. This is who i predicted at the beginning at the beginning of the year and I'm going to stick with them.

Here is my "Sweet Sixteen", filled with the 16 teams i think will be left in the tournament after two rounds. This is not based on rankings purely based on how the team has done and how strong their players have been.


Clemson is here because i still think they're a good team and i had them in the Elite Eight in Week 1. They are a talented bunch and look for them to make a run towards the Elite Eight.

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Georgetown outlasts Villanova

Villanova's Dante Cunningham finds his path blocked.  The Georgetown Hoyas defeated the Villanova Wildcats 56-54. This improves the Hoyas record to 6-10 in the Big East and 15-12 overall. Putting them back into conversation. Wiht 30 seconds left Georgetown held a 54-51 lead. Woth 16 seconds Nova hurried a 3 point shot looking to draw a foul. He missed and the ball was forced out of bounds off of Nova. Hoyas inbounded the ball and Nova quickly fouled. Chris Wright of Nova made both of his free throws, extending the lead to 5. Nova ran the ball back down the Floor and Corey Stokes made a long 3 point shot. The lead was down to two. With 3.5 seconds left the Hoyas inbounded ran to the basket and Villanova couldn't catch them to foul. Georgetown wins and puts them back into conversation. Also, they proved they're good enough to knock of top ranked teams again.  

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Must wins today, and VT vs. Duke, big game for VT

vs.  Virginia Tech is playing at home against Duke, they are 17-10 and 706 in ACC play they are desperatly in need of a win, and if they could pull one out today they could be considered in a lock in the Big Dance.


Georgetown is doing terrible since they were in the Top 10. 5-10 in Big east play and 14-12 overall. If they lose their off the bubble no chance of making the tournament sorry. They have to win @ Nova to have any shot at the tourney, of course they could make a run for the Big Erast Title though.

USC is 16-11 and 7-8 in Pac 10 play. Their still on the bubble, but they must win today agsinst struggling Stanford. They have 3 great wins against Cal, Wash, and Zona. But lately they have been struggling and need to win this game to stay on the bubble.

Zona is 18-10, and 8-7 in Pac 10 play, they have lost two straight putting them on the bubble again. They need to win aginst another rankedd team today to help their cause or they could be heading for the wrong side of the bubble.

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Time for Some Valentine Love?

Georgetown Hoyas logo@ Syracuse Orange logo


Georgetown has gone 3-11 since their win against UCONN.

They are only 4-7 in Big East play.

Their only win was in their last 7 games was against Rutgers.

With Syracuse struggling is it time for some Valentine love for the Hoyas?

I think it's about time.

But Syracuse might have something to say about that. Syracuse is on a little skid of their own and being at h ome their fans will be trying to give their team enough love to defeat the Hoyas.

This game could just come down to who wants it more. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Hoyas play @ Syracuse at 12:00 EST time today.

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